German Khan: applications and business projects

German Khan: applications and business projects

German Khan is one of the most famous Russian businessmen who has done many valuable things to develop Russia’s oil and gas industry and abroad. He is the founder and chairman of MNC. You probably know that it is one of Russia’s largest natural gas producers and occupies a leading position in the world market. In this article, we describe the life and success of German Khan in business.

Early years and beginning of the career

German Khan was born in 1961 in Kyiv. He received a secondary education and entered higher education at the Moscow Institute of Alloys and Steel. After graduating in the 1980s, Khan began building a career in the oil and gas enterprise.

At first, he worked in various positions in oil corporations, and in the 1990s, he began to do business in this field. Since then, his capital began to increase, as did Khan’s influence. Subsequently, it helped him to implement several very large-scale projects, the most outstanding of which was the Tyumen oil company.

Creation of MNC

In 1994, German founded the Tyumen Oil Corporation, which deals with gas and oil extraction. He organized the company with Leonid Michelson, who became its CEO. At first, this new commercial structure focused only on natural gas production in Yamal. However, it expanded its operations later and mastered oil production and gas pipeline construction.

German Khan

For several years, the Tyumen oil company significantly increased its production capacity and became one of Russia’s largest oil and gas corporations. It took a leading position in the export of natural gas and kept one of the first places in the world market. More precisely, held.

The fact is that after 2022, Russia will be forced to stay in such a reality that journalists have to talk about some phenomena in the past. However, within Russia, to date, MNC Corporation occupies a leading position in this field and continues to develop rapidly. It also creates new technologies and software, such as mobile apps.

Philanthropic and social initiatives

German Khan is not only a successful businessman but also an active participant in the social life of Russia. He is involved in many philanthropic projects on science, culture, and education. In addition, Khan is a philanthropist and global supporter of needy people.

In 2014, he created the Fund for Children with Oncological and Hematological Diseases, «Save Life,» which helps children from different regions of Russia to get qualified medical care and treatment. Also, this foundation supports parents and close children. In addition, German seeks to influence the cultural life of Russia.

In 2016, he sponsored the restoration of the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Museum in Saint Petersburg. Khan is also a patron of the Tyumen Philharmonic Orchestra.


German Khan is a successful Russian businessman who has significantly contributed to developing the oil and gas sector in Russia and abroad. He is the founder and CEO of MNC, which maintains a leading position in this field.

In addition, German is actively involved in implementing philanthropic initiatives to support culture, science, and, of course, education. Its social and charitable activities show that successful business people can achieve financial success and provide tremendous assistance to society.