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     this peony
     that yesterday was
     a pink fist
     today opens itself
     to whatever may come

     Jeanne Emrich 


     reaching the age
     of being ignored
     what sweet delight
     when a mockingbird
     answers my call

     Margaret Chula                                        

     bowed to the ground
     the goldenrods
     too tall of themselves

     I couldn't tell her why
     the sky is blue

     Tom Clausen



           Welcome!  Learn here about the lyric poem of Japan
           known as tanka (waka), now becoming one of the
           most popular and versatile short forms of poetry in

         What Is Tanka?

About Tanka and Its History
                 by Amelia Fielden
From the Man'yōshū to Contemporary Tanka
                 by Mariko Kitakubo

          Learn to Write Tanka

A Quick Start Guide to Writing Tanka
                 by Jeanne Emrich
Notes on Form, Techniques, and Subject Matter
                 by Michael McClintock
A Tanka Repair Kit
                 by Jeanne Emrich
My Tanka Path
                 by Tom Clausen
Distilling Experience
                 by Margaret Chula
Tanka as Diary
                 by Amelia Fielden

Learn by Example

          Tanka Diary Style
          Travel Tanka
          Tanka as Personal Reflection
          Writing in a Persona
          Tanka of Allusion
          Tanka as Elegy or Banka
          Tanka Inspired by a Poem
          Minimalist Tanka
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         Tanka Online Guest Poets―Interviews & Articles
              Drops from Her Umbrella ― Laura Maffei

              Between Us ― Beverley George
              A Harvest of Words ― Carol Purington
              Cigarette Butts and Lilacs ― Andrew Riutta
              A Song in the Air ― Kala Ramesh
              Writing Inside Out ― Kathy Kituai

         A Few Good Books on Tanka Literature

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      still empty
      my black lacquer box
      something too precious
      to lie uncovered

      Amelia Fielden

      I balance
      loneliness with
      the sky so blue
      this Vernal Equinox Day

     Mariko Kitakubo

     I've this memory―
     riding my father's shoulders
     into the ocean,
     the poetry of things
     before I could speak

     Michael McClintock