Mariko Kitakubo

                                                               five years now
                                                               since I sat there
                                                               with mother
                                                               supping on noodles
                                                               flavoured with citron

                                                               the sea canyon
                                                               is silently weeping
                                                               as I cross
                                                               concealing my sickness
                                                               within me 


                                                               my boy is growing
                                                               to look like my father
                                                               who abandoned me
                                                               I try not to mind
                                                               God's carelessness     
                                                               every night
                                                               mist wreathes the bay
                                                               then vanishes
                                                               the anniversary
                                                               of mother's passing nears

                                                              I'm changing
                                                              my brown watchband
                                                              for a pale green one
                                                              off to visit
                                                              a seaside sanatorium     

                                                              tonight, only those
                                                              who have passed away
                                                              come to me . . .
                                                              "autumn, now," I mumble
                                                              grinding coffee beans      





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