Mariko Kitakubo


                                                       with our distance
                                                       stands my friend
                                                       while the setting sun
                                                       curves the earth's axis

                                                        "don't let such things
                                                        bother you"
                                                        said the bossa-nova
                                                        dancing along
                                                        my ear-lobes

                                                        I have no way
                                                        of being sure
                                                        about things,
                                                        yet my nails are growing
                                                        so confidently

                                                         without desire
                                                         to be born
                                                         the fish
                                                         was born and thus
                                                         it swims

                                                         thinking of the day
                                                         I learned about
                                                         the supernova―
                                                         from a chill distance,
                                                         notification of my disease

                                                         a warm tear drop
                                                         as I waken
                                                         from the dream
                                                         of being held back
                                                         from the brink of a cliff