Mariko Kitakubo


                                                       tonight as I
                                                       hull kidney beans
                                                       the stone
                                                       engraved with her name
                                                       is growing cold


                                                       lest we stray
                                                       the Milky Way
                                                       just happens
                                                       to slip between
                                                       our entwined fingers

                                                       "even rainy days
                                                       at the beach
                                                       aren't bad,"
                                                       I whisper in the ear
                                                       of a jet-black labrador

                                                       for men
                                                       child-birth, child-raising
                                                       must be matters
                                                       viewed vaguely
                                                       through green mists

                                                       tranquilly ashes
                                                       continue to fall
                                                       on this ruined village
                                                       where like a scream
                                                       the silence shines

                                                       this stumbling
                                                       with just the toes
                                                       of my right toes
                                                       might come from bad feeling
                                                       between it and the left