Mariko Kitakubo



                                                          as if
                                                          falling down
                                                          into the galaxy,
                                                          I would fall
                                                          into your heart

                                                          sometimes I wish for
                                                          shoulders to lean againstó
                                                          there's a bitter wind
                                                          like the delivery of letters
                                                          after my death

                                                          in the midst
                                                          of this rain
                                                          they appear,
                                                          the mountain god
                                                          and the god of the stream

                                                          joined together
                                                          by his umbilical cord
                                                          I hold my son, then
                                                          all the stars of heaven
                                                          fall down upon me

                                                          we go back
                                                          back to the scarlet DNA
                                                          of original sin,
                                                          all the way to the womb
                                                          of Cain's mother, Eve

                                                          like clouds
                                                          vanishing from a puddle
                                                          that morning
                                                          my father
                                                          silently disappeared