Mariko Kitakubo



                                                          a single grape
                                                          with an innocent gaze
                                                          begs my help
                                                          before it is crushed
                                                          into chardonnay

                                                          fire accelerating
                                                          their desperation,
                                                          surely they
                                                          were not given life
                                                          to become martyrs


                                                          when did I
                                                          start to drift away

     once more it is              
                                                          that season
                                                          of the knife-sharp moon
                                                          happily floating
                                                          in the lagoon, jelly fish
                                                          all unaware
                                                          of the name bestowed on them
                                                          by civilization
                                                          scattered on the floor
                                                          ice fragments
                                                          are melting

  mingled among them
                                                          I see chips of glass

                                                          I am stabbed
                                                          by your soft eyes
                                                          in this summer
                                                          of Lyre and ocean
                                                          singing in turn