Tom Clausen




                                                   by spontaneous consent
                                                   our subtle flirting
                                                   has played itself out-
                                                   our friendship will be all
                                                   the better for this


                                                   we work briskly
                                                   into the momentum of the day
                                                   a long list of what to do,
                                                   once all there was
                                                   was to fall in love
                                                   in the company of friends
                                                   our marriage takes on
                                                   an air of comfort
                                                   as we all attend to things
                                                   other than ourselves
                                                   it is love we all want
                                                   and all these ways
                                                   we go about getting it-
                                                   how strange in my secluded spot
                                                   a stranger finds me
                                                   pushed by the wind
                                                   at the far end of the sky
                                                   a few clouds...
                                                   I can see what I want
                                                   keeps changing too
                                                   I believe is what
                                                   I've come to sitting here
                                                   watching wave after wave
                                                   land itself