Mariko Kitakubo


                                                    moonlit night
                                                    in the bamboo forest
                                                    a child god
                                                    transforms into a badger
                                                    to summon his mother

                                                    no one can tell me
                                                    at what moment it began
                                                    this sad story . . .
                                                    the endless winter
                                                    of my motherland

                                                    sound of sunset
                                                    comes down for us
                                                    shadow of
                                                    the hammock is
                                                    singing sweetly

                                                    scent of
                                                    summer grass–
                                                    on a flowery hill
                                                    we cuddle each other
                                                    with our wings

                                                    I'm afraid
                                                    about tomorrow–
                                                    when your
                                                    young blue eyes, fingers
                                                    will be mine

                                                    this is a case
                                                    of love . . .
                                                    your arms hold me
                                                    when I break down

                                                   it'll be
                                                   my last love,
                                                   I'm telling
                                                   my late mother–
                                                   foot of a pale rainbow