Amelia Fielden


                                                    "When I grow too old to dream
                                                     I will have this to remember'

what shall I say
                                                    when we meet once more,
                                                    the lie
                                                    that I am happy
                                                    you're happy without me?

                                                    so logical
                                                    it would have been long ago
                                                    to fall in love–
                                                    yet you greet me, treat me
                                                    as a dear old friend

'sea of clouds' . . .
you turn off Highway 4
                                                    to show it to me–
                                                    I divert my desires,
                                                    focus on the landscape

                                                    translucent waves
                                                    rolling towards the shore
                                                    I have come to see
                                                    we'll never be lovers