Tom Clausen


                                                    the farther away it gets
                                                    the more magical it becomes,
                                                    those times at night
                                                    in the back seat,
                                                    my parents taking us someplace . . .

                                                    it was a hot day
                                                    when I dropped a penny
                                                    in the soft tar
                                                    almost a year now
                                                    I've paid visits to it

                                                    cold rain
                                                    in another town
                                                    the streets empty–
                                                    from one house
                                                    a gift of woodsmoke

                                                    could be I'm tired
                                                    or lost, but to close my eyes
                                                    and nod off
                                                    while the world goes on
                                                    gives me a certain peace

                                                    wind outside the mall
                                                    and as I wait
                                                    with my eyes closed
                                                    a killdeer calls
                                                    from another life

                                                    as I sit here
                                                    taking in the river view
                                                    I see my feelings for this life
                                                    quite like the trees
                                                    leaning slightly downstream

                                                    in a reverie
                                                    at the long traffic light
                                                    it occurs to me
                                                    why would I want
                                                    to do more, faster