Andrew Riutta

                                                               With the same kind of gun
                                                               he used in Vietnam
                                                               my father
                                                               shoots the burn barrel
                                                               so the fire can breathe.

                                                               Another pretty girl
                                                               flaunting her metaphysics.
                                                               If I had an aura,
                                                               it would be the color
                                                               of rust on a horseshoe.

                                                               On the wood paneling,
                                                               the shadow of my lantern
                                                               looks like a bell.
                                                               I got drunk last night
                                                               and tried to ring it.

                                                               one acre of weeds---
                                                               an ex-wife
                                                               for a landlord
                                                               a tea kettle
                                                               for my ashtray
                                                               it's what he would've done
                                                               for me
                                                               I light the cigarette
                                                               someone left on his grave.

                                                               It runs in my family,
                                                               diabetes . . .
                                                               but so does this love
                                                               for the gravel roads
                                                               that take us far from everything.
                                                               Peeking into
                                                               this wormhole in my apple,
                                                               I see a poet
                                                               thirty years from now
                                                               still dressed like a plumber.
                                                               Who cares if my belly
                                                               hangs below my belt?
                                                               At eighty-two
                                                               my grandfather weighed little more
                                                               than a bag of potting soil.


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